What to do with leftover carpet

A pro flooring contractor will never let a good portion of carpet go to waste and you shouldn’t’ either. There are lots of things you can do with leftover carpet so don’t throw your trimmings in the bin just yet.

Many homes have cupboards in bedrooms, under the stairs or in the hallway, and sometimes no flooring has been added at all to the small space. Small cuts of carpet can work perfectly for these areas, giving your home more warmth and a consistent style throughout. Another option is to create a welcome mat out of a leftover carpet. Perhaps this can be placed in a room with a contrasting floor, or in the garage so the family can wipe their feet upon entering the main house. This can be a really good idea if your carpet has a pattern or design, and you simply need to cut the fabric into a rectangle to sit beside the door. Finally, you can use carpet for more practical jobs, like keeping items in your garage protected, such as bikes, motorbikes and car parts. Laying carpet on the top can certainly offer good protection in the winter.