The perfect welcome to your home.

A welcome mat is a wonderful addition to your home, as it provides a warm greeting for you and your guests. Welcoming mats not only provide a welcoming warmth to your home, they primarily work as protection to the flooring they are placed on.

Having a welcome mat means that visitors are more likely to wipe their shoes, protecting the carpet or flooring beneath. Letting the mat take the brink of wear and tear instead of your carpet or flooring will help save you money when it comes to replacing it. Replacing a welcome mat is considerable cheaper than replacing a carpet or flooring.

Welcome mats are available in a variety of design options, making it easy to find a design that suits your home. As your mat becomes worn, changing the mat also means you can change the design too. You may want a summery design in the warmer months and a mat with wintering colours during the cooler months.