Pattern floor tiles for your bathroom floor

Adding patterned flooring is one way to spice up the interior design of your home’s bathroom. Patterned flooring works best against plain wall tiles as a busy wall design can clash with patterned flooring.

Tiles are a great flooring option for your bathroom, they not only provide a good waterproof surface they are very easy to clean too. There are many different patterned flooring designs available on the market, so there is sure to be a pattern to suit your bathroom’s style.

A popular patterned flooring option is a mix of Mexican designs; this means there is no order to how the tiles are laid. Alternatively, there are plenty of symmetrical designs to choose from, these are usually available is a variety of colours to complement your bathroom suite and wall colour.

Tiles are a durable flooring option and that’s why they are perfect for family bathrooms with heavy usage.