Adding carpet to your conservatory

If you’re looking to make your conservatory cosier and more welcoming for your guests, you may want to consider choosing to lay a carpet, rather than opting for tiles or laminate flooring. With a carpet, you get that lovely soft floor that’s perfect for summer and winter, and it makes the room feel like it’s a part of the home, and not just an add-on.

Conservatories are often looked at as summer rooms, so having thin curtains and tiled flooring is very common, but to make it cosier in the winter you have to consider a soft carpet and thick curtains. These will both will help make sure the heat doesn’t leave the room, making the conservatory a more enjoyable room to relax in all year round. With the British weather so up and down all the time, we feel it’s better to play it safe and create a conservatory that can be used whether it’s hot or cold, and a carpet is a very wise option.